Our investment objective is to focus on providing an opportunity for safe, high yielding investments by the acquisition of investment properties which are occupied by credit worthy tenants and desirable leases.


Our primary investment criteria are:

  • Long term leased properties which provide investors a preferred 9% or greater annual return.

  • All properties which are acquired will go through a rigorous Institutional like due diligence examination which will include: Independent appraisals, Structural engineer examination, and Environmental Examination

  • Examining the credit history, profit and loss statements and balance sheet of the tenants will be paramount for qualifying acquisitions.

  • Property management will be done by professional property management.

  • Accounting will be provided by a qualified CPA, including all annual tax returns.

  • Projected holding periods for each property will be 3 - 6 years.

  • Each property will be owned by a single asset LLC, registered in the state where located.